Logistics Company

Do you have Logistic Company?

Drob offers you an easy pathway to Doubling Your Daily Income by connecting vendors and other customers to you from their smartphone on the Drob app all you need to do is download and sign up!

Why should I sign up?


How much does it cost to register dispatch riders?

Registration of logistic companies and riders is completely FREE

How do I register my company?

1. Download DROB app and DROB Rider app from you google Playstore or App Store
2. Open DROB APP and follow the instructions and filling all your company details
3. Register you riders with their name and Phone number
4. Now the riders can simply login with their device on the DROB-rider app using their phone numbers.. go online and start receiving order

My Riders don’t have smart phones what can I do?

Simply Download both apps on your device(DROB and DROB_RIDER), Register you company and register yourself as a rider. Receive orders and direct your riders to the location or connect the customers to the riders.

Can I Maintain My company’s Identity while I operate with the app?

Add you Logo by clicking the avatar on your profile area and choosing your logo from your device storage.

Can I add and adjust my price as I wish?

Yes you can add and adjust your price as you wish

Can I Monitor My Riders/Business Even When I’m On Vacation?

Yes, you can oversee You business anywhere you are.

How Do I Get Paid ?

DROB provides you with various ways to receive payment your customers can pay your riders via cash by hand, on the app using their debit cards. There is also pay on delivery option.

How Often Would DROB remit funds from Online paying customers?

DROB payout day is every Monday.

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